About Go-Conference 2020

North American Missions

Concord gets to join kingdom work around the world by serving alongside mission partners near and far. And every year we celebrate that BIG during the Go Conference!

In 2020, we focus specifically on what is happening through Concord's partnership with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and Send Relief in Cleveland, New York City, Montreal, Clarkston, and Puerto Rico. You will have the chance to meet and get to know people just like you whom God is using to plant churches, reach their neighborhoods with the gospel, and meet needs in the name of Jesus!

Go Conference 2020

Our Partners:

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New York City, NY

Planting diverse churches in global communities

The gospel is reaching people from across the globe through our church planting partners in New York City, mostly in the Brooklyn area. Concord teams work alongside partners in construction, and creative outreach platforms such as counseling and financial classes.

Cleveland, OH

A city in need of lasting hope

For over 10 years, Concord has been joining God's mission in Cleveland. With over 47% of its residents claiming no religious affiliation, there is much need for the gospel! We get to be a part of reaching the city as a whole while also working on the front lines alongside churches in a diverse group of communities.

Montreal, Quebec

Big diversity, genuine community

Concord invests in Montreal because, like NYC, it holds a diverse population from every corner of the globe. Church planters sent from Concord anchor our efforts there as we come alongside local believers in an English-speaking area to engage their neighbors with the gospel through cookouts, block parties, and special events like bicycle repair days!

Puerto Rico

An island ravaged by disaster but rich in culture

Concord has worked faithfully alongside Send Relief over the last 3 years on a variety of projects ranging from crisis response to roof repairs that continue even now. By partnering with a local church, we are able to help develop the community beyond the crisis by meeting physical needs while also sharing the gospel!

Atlanta, GA

The Clarkston community is said to be the most diverse square mile in America

Clarkston Georgia is small, unique community on the east side of Atlanta. It is recognized as the most diverse square mile in America because of its refugee population. In partnership with NAMB's Ministry Center there, CCS and other Concord teams have helped local workers to build serve their neighbors, but along the way they also learn how to minister to refugees here in Knoxville.

Inspiring Thoughts

  • "A cookout in Montreal in a park or putting on a roof in Puerto Rico has the same goal – To begin a conversation about the love of Jesus and what he did on the cross for each one of us." Allen Krueger, Concord's Director of North American Missions

  • Our Sunday School class went to Puerto Rico together and it was my husband’s first mission trip. He got to build and fix like he loves to do. Now, he’s hooked! Nancy, Concord Member

  • In Cleveland, I got to experience many communities and cultures but they had one thing in common: they desperately needed the gospel. I got to share my God stories with so many! Sarah, Concord Member

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Join us this year for Go-Conference!

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